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Four Things To Consider Before Renting A Flat.
If you are thinking about renting a flat or house you really need to stop and think about a number of things before you even start you search. What is your budget? Could you live in a basement with little light or a top floor flat with four flights of stairs?
It is best write down a list of your wants and dislikes before you even start to look. Once you have made the list then you can start the search for your perfect rental property.
Having rented a number of flats and houses these are the top four things I believe you should consider before [...]

Home Insurance For Unoccupied Property
If a property owner is away from its property for any case, it is absolutely necessary to have home insurance for unoccupied property. This is because if the property is damaged, while not being present in the house, you will not have to pay anything towards the damages that may have been caused. So for this reason it is crucial that your unoccupied property is fully protected.
To get an inexpensive rate on unoccupied property insurance there are certain steps that need to be followed to reduce the pricing.[...]

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